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How to Register & Other Important Details


We will be holding several game shows with more details coming soon on each of those.  Ages 5 and up are able to participate!  Game show questions will all be related to the book of Genesis along with cross references and related events.

  • Additional Game Show information will be available in April.

  • Recitation Registration and Event Registration will begin NOW.  Read the instructions below to register:

1.  Before registering, be sure to view the available passages to ensure you know what is still available.  You can easily do this by clicking the box below to view and reserve passages for your or several members of your family or friends.


2.  After choosing your passages from the above link, come back to this page and complete the registration form at the bottom of this page.

3.  After completing your registration, click on the link below to sign up to help with the Friday lunch which will be a Mexican buffet.  Everyone bringing one item or two, will ensure there is plenty for all!  To make this easy we've set up a volunteer worksheet for this at the link below.  You'll get a reminder closer to the event as well.

You may come and go as you please over the course of the two-day event.  But we strongly encourage you to attend the full event in order to have the greater experience!

There are NO fees for attending, but we encourage all who attend to actively participate in the recitations in some capacity.  It can be just a little or a whole lot!  Afraid to do it alone?  You don't have to.  Get together with family or friends and team up to share a scripture as a group.  Don't have a group of friends to work with?  Let us know, we'll get you into a group!

Registrants who are not participating but would like to attend, please contact us so we can know how many to expect and plan for your attendance.  Do this by completing the registration form below.  Simply type "N/A" to anything that doesn't apply.  See you soon!

Register for 2023 ScriptureFest Here!

Thanks for registering, we will be in contact with you soon!

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