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2024 Theme:
The Gospel Revealed


No where in the Bible is the gospel more explicitly revealed and elaborated upon than in the epistles. As the epistles reveal the gospel, so Acts reveals its spread through Paul's missionary journeys and his journey to Rome. This provides the setting and the context in which the epistles were written. They were written to churches not wholly unlike our own - churches in need of comfort, correction, instruction, and most importantly, the gospel of Christ.  

Scripture focus will include: 
Acts, Galatians, 1 Corinthians, Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, and 

2024 Schedule

Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th, 2024 

(Schedule subject to minor changes)




9:30  – Registration

10:30 – Welcome / Worship

11:00 – Video Intro: Acts 1-12

11:15 – Acts 13 – 15:35

11:45 – Lunch (On Own)

1:15 – Galatians 1 – 6 / Acts 15:36-19:22

3:15  - Break

3:30 – 1 Corinthians / Acts 19:23-41

5:00 – Dinner (Mexican Buffet)

6:00 - Group Activity / Team Challenge

7:30 - Elite Game Show Team Announcement

8:00 – Worship/Closing Prayer

8:15 – Depart for home / host lodging



10:00 – Welcome / Announcements / Worship

10:30 – Message (Title TBD)

11:00 – Acts 20 - 23

11:30 – Lunch (On Own)

1:00 – Acts 24 – 28 / Ephesians - Philippians

3:00 – Break / Game Show Set Up

3:30 – Elite Game Show

5:00 – Dinner (Pizza/Salad)

6:00 – Church Clean Up Time

6:30 – Hymn Sing / Dessert (Off-site)

7:00 – Square Dance (Off-site)

9:00 - Clean up/departure

Additional Feature added this year:  The Bible Exhibit

The Bible Exhibit contains over 200 of some of the world's most rare, ancient and historically important Bibles and biblical artifacts.  They will be coming to SEMO ScriptureFest this year to bring these to you!  To learn more about them see their website here.


For those staying over from out of town and locals as well:  we invite you to join us for church at the same location as the ScriptureFest.  Sunday morning Bible Study begins at 9:00am, prayer meeting at 10:00am and/or join us only for worship at 10:45am.  All are welcome to a fellowship luncheon immediately following the service.  Fill up with both food and fellowship before heading out to your respective home states!

Interested in Attending but not so sure about all this?  Read on...

We encourage you to sign up even if you are brand new to recitation.  You can do it!


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to recite at least 1 passage as an individual and/or as a family or group in the various forms of recitation that we offer. NO AGE LIMITS!!!!  Individuals, families and/or groups can sign up for as few or as many passages as they would like.  You can do just a little to get your feet wet, or sign up for a whole chapter.  The choice is yours.  You might be surprised at how addicting it is, once you memorize a passage you want to try to memorize more and more, thus giving yourself more of God's word hidden in your heart!  Try it!  We'll help you!

You may simply recite your passage or you may use visuals or a dramatization or even singing.  Typically you'll see some of all types of recitations.  We only ask that if you are dramatizing your recitation that you do your best to add to and not distract from the scripture you are sharing.


All registrants are encouraged to pray about and reserve each chapter and/or passage with an established idea of how he or she intended to use their recitation to edify & bless others, as well as bring glory to God.


All scripture sign ups are ONLY to be made using the volunteer sign up sheet which you will receive in an email after your register.  

For those who like to dramatize their recitation with emotional expression, related props & wardrobe, and even assisting, but not disruptive or distracting, sound effects, may do so. (All props, wardrobe & relevant effects were to be disclosed in advance to SEMO ScriptureFest organizers and receive advanced approval.)


The passages we have chosen will provide quite a few opportunities to dramatize so get as creative as you like, as long as it is an exact recitation from God's word.  You may use the Bible version of your choice.

We want to strive for excellence in the handling of God’s Word. While we desire for all Bible recitations to be enjoyable for the orator, we especially want it to be edifying for the hearers; therefore, in reserving even 1 passage, we always request that all who make reservations, whether for “straight” recitation or dramatization, have their passage(s) fully memorized and mastered, at least, 3 weeks in advance of the event. Event organizers might require any & all scheduled reciters to either perform their chapter(s) in advance, upon request, or submit video/audio evidence by the middle of March 2024.

Event organizers reserve the right to reassign or reduce chapter recitations in the event of cancellation, due to illness, injury, family tragedy, travel delays, other unforeseen circumstances, or lack of necessary preparation in order to recite satisfactorily and uphold our goals for the event.

Need to contact us?  Email us at:

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