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Why a Game Show?

Many might wonder, why a game show as part of ScriptureFest?

There are a variety of ways to get God's word hidden in our hearts.  Many ScriptureFest events will include game shows of different varieties as well as messages, crafts and of course, recitations.

Read below to learn why our family chose to include a Game Show as part of our ScriptureFest events.

The first time we attended a ScriptureFest-style event as a family, we were both amazed and convicted as we observed the level of Biblical knowledge that existed among both young and old.  As we listened to game show participants buzz in to answer some very difficult questions, we were faced with the reality:  We are not studying enough!  Many people (including us) spend time reading books about the Bible, or reading devotionals, listening to sermons, or memorizing a few scriptures.  (All these are good things.)  But none of these take the place of reading the Bible itself, and reading it regularly in large portions.  As we realized our great need for more wisdom, the type that only comes from God's word, we knew we wanted to include a game show.  The game show is intended to CHALLENGE both the participant and the observer to study harder than they might do otherwise. To encourage you to study deeply and learn more about HOW to study.  Yes, some questions will be quite hard!  But if they were all easy, we would all just sit around and congratulate ourselves on all of our knowledge.  Instead, we want to have everyone LEARN as part of the gameshow. 


We offer a warning to you: that you must not take yourselves or the gameshow too seriously and enjoy it for what it is.  A learning opportunity.  And we have a lot of fun with it as well.


Having said all that: our goal for 2024 is to have multiple gameshow opportunities that all can participate in.  More details coming soon!


We have offered game shows in a variety of ways.  Some grouped by age, others by level of experience.  We will create each game show depending upon the number of participants we receive each year.  If we happen to have a year where we get far more participants than we have space then we will offer an online "test" of general Bible knowledge and we will take the top scores from that to organize our game show event.  Details for each year will be posted here.  Stay tuned!

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