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Welcome to the Missouri ScriptureFest Headquarters

We are excited to announce our second annual Bible ScriptureFest and Fellowship in Southeastern (SEMO) Missouri,

planned for May 5th and 6th, 2023.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  (See Registration page for details)

Our family has been blessed by the National Bible Bee and by the many ScriptureFest events that are hosted around the country, and as a result, we feel led to make this available for those in our local and surrounding communities.  We welcome those local as well as those travelling from other states to join us in a day of recitations, worship and joyous learning.   Take time to look at each of the pages/links above for the details of this ScriptureFest and prayerfully plan on joining us.  We would love to have you!

Would you like to attend other ScriptureFests in other states/locations?  Do you live in another part of Missouri and want to host your own Missouri ScriptureFest?  We can help!  Hop on over to the ONLY official ScriptureFest website, our Universal Headquarters at to learn about all the help and resources available to you.  We can help plan, organize and even help fund your event.  

ScriptureFest is not affiliated or associated with


Keith, Sheri, Dylan and Kailyn George, Farmington, MO

Bro. Josh and Sarah Wilson (First Baptist Church of Park Hills)

Need to contact us?  Email us at:


First Baptist Church of Park Hills

Address:  12 North Coffman Street

Park Hills, MO


See church Website Here

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